Citizens On Patrol (COP)


COP was first integrated into the Greenville Police Department's Community Programs in the late 1990s as an effort to enhance the Department's community policing concept. COP is uniformed patrol operation comprised of trained citizen volunteers selected from the Greenville Police Department Citizens Police Academy alumni.

If you are interested in COP, contact Chris McCaslin at (903) 453-2998.

Recent Updates

Program revisions in 2009 include:
  • Addition of the second marked patrol vehicle
Citizens On Patrol Patch


  • Each volunteer must complete a nine-week Training Academy and a Field Training Program
  • Each member of the unit must volunteer a minimum of 12 hours each calendar month, excluding any training
  • Applicants must first complete the Citizen's Police Academy
First Citizens On Patrol Class

First Citizens on Patrol Class

What COPs Do

After completion of the requirements, COP members:
  • Patrol the streets of Greenville in a marked COP vehicle
  • Serve as an extra set of eyes and ears for the Greenville Police Department
  • Assist the Department by performing many non-enforcement functions, including, but not limited to:
    • Crime prevention patrols
    • Motorist assistance
    • Wrecker stand-bys
    • Traffic control
    • Close watch patrols
    • Parking enforcement, including disabled parking


The Unit's mission is to act as a force multiplier for the City's police officers. Members of the Unit will perform non-law enforcement functions so that the police officers can be available to answer more calls. The Unit will also act as a deterrent to criminal activity by conducting highly visible patrols.