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Hole #1
Par Five
Keep drive left of the sand trap, ball tends to drift right. Don't leave your drive short as the second shot has to carry lake. Green has sand trap on left side. Hole One Hole One Hole One Hole One
Hole #2
Par Three
Tough par three, easy to make five. Check yardage. Long green from left to right, tee shot must carry to the green over water as the ball will drain back to the water. Hole Two
Hole #3
Par Four
There is a tree just right of the tee box. Deep grass bunker on front left of green. False front green. Good birdie hole. Hole Three Hole Three Hole Three
Hole #4
Par Four
Tough to par, must have the right yardage off the tee. Downhill to lay up. Must aim at center bunker. Hole has three sand bunkers at dog leg. 100 to 120 yards to small two-tiered green on second shot. Deep grass bunker on left side of green. Big drivers, try to take it straight over the creek to the green. Hole Four Hole Four Hole Four
Hole #5
Par Four
Pretty hole, but tough green. Three and four putts are common. Two-tiered green with false front. Looks like birdie, but par is most likely. Tee shot has to get through a gap in the trees. It only gets tougher from here! Hole Five Hole Five
Hole #6
Par Three
Uphill par three. Add one to two clubs more than normal. Has deep and long grass bunker on right along the green. Hard to get up and down from left. Hole Six Hole Six
Hole #7
Par Four
Long dog leg left. Most drives go right on this hole. Sets up for a long second shot to green. Slopes left to right, it helps to push the ball to the green. Two-tiered green on back right. Hole Seven Hole Seven Hole Seven Hole Seven
Hole #8
Par Four
Medium to long hole. Dog leg right with sand traps on left and right sides of fairway. Also has a lake along right side of cart trail. Tough to hit fairway, 150-yard shot into green is tough. Long and skinny two-tiered green. Grass bunker on right. Big hill on left front helps kick the ball back to the green. Hole Eight Hole Eight Hole Eight
Hole #9
Par Five
Short but tough, lake in the center of fairway that is tempting to try to drive. 220 to 270 yards. Split fairway on this hole. Drive needs to cut to land in split fairway. 170 to 200 yards or second shot. Lots of grass bunker on this hole. If you lay up on tee shot, you'll have 235 yards to green. Two-tiered green with deep grass bunker on the right. Hole Nine Hole Nine Hole Nine
Hole Nine