The City of Greenville has received approval from the Department of Justice to implement its approved redistricting of City Council Districts. Voting district boundaries are reviewed every ten years once the Census is completed.


In November, 2010, the City Council hired consultant Barney L. Knight to perform a study to determine if redistricting was needed. Using, the most recent Census data, if the deviation between the population of Greenville’s largest district and the smallest district exceeds 10 percent, then the City is required to redraw district lines. A deviation of more than 10 percent exists between District 1 and District 6, so the City is required to redistrict the deviation to below 10 percent.

This past September, the Greenville City Council passed an ordinance approving a plan for the redrawing of voting district boundaries and the new redistricting plan was submitted to the Department of Justice for approval.

Map and Material
The new voting district map is available below and in the City Secretary's Office at City Hall, 2821 Washington Street, Greenville, Texas and in the adult reference area of the W. Walworth Harrison Public Library, #1 Lou Finney Lane, Greenville, Texas. The Street Index has also been updated and can be used to reference voting districts by address.


For more information, contact the City Secretary’s Office at 903-457-3121.