Criminal Investigations Division


The CID is composed of one lieutenant, one sergeant, and nine investigators who investigate:
  • Offenses not resolved by the Patrol Division during the initial investigation
  • Crimes against persons
  • Crimes against property
  • Juvenile offenses
  • Narcotics offenses
They are also responsible for the registration of sex offenders and respond to major crimes where a crime scene exists.

Juvenile Investigations

There is one juvenile investigator whose primary responsibilities are to:
  • Investigate all juvenile-related crimes
  • Identify juvenile offenders
  • Prevent juvenile-related crimes through education and rehabilitation of juvenile offenders
Other responsibilities include:
  • Follow-up on the status of offenses, such as runaways, truants, and curfew violations
  • Assist other investigators in the investigation of major crime scenes

Narcotics Investigations

There are three narcotics investigators who continue the Department's efforts to apprehend individuals who deal in illegal drugs.