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March 14, 2020

COVID-19 - The City of Greenville is monitoring the potential impacts of the Coronavirus

GREENVILLE: In order to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 virus to the citizens of
Greenville, the City Council along with the City Manager, have extended the plan to include the
Mass Gatherings:
1. Civic Center-closed to all events until May 15, 2020.
2. Greenville Municipal Auditorium- closed to any events until May 15, 2020.
Public Buildings:
1. Airport-terminal will be open, no group meetings or room rentals will be scheduled until after
May 15, 2020 and extra cleaning precautions will be taken
2. Annex (Community Development and Public Works)-open for business on May 4, 2020 but
will only bring customers in one at a time to the main building, they will meet in the conference
room only, continue with conference calls for pre-app meetings, will hold P&Z Meeting on May
18th via videoconference, all public works crews will be back to normal schedule, and Service
Center to remain closed but public will be allowed in by appointment
3. Animal Shelter-beginning May 4, 2020 shelter will open for appointments only from Monday-
Friday 9 am-4:30 pm, staff will continue to pick up animals on calls for service, adoptions will be
set up by appointment 30 minutes apart, drop offs will be by appointment 15 minutes apart,
owner reclaims will be set up by appointment, and rescues will continue to email for
4. Library-curbside service will begin May 4, 2020, implement front entrance pick up, room rentals
cancelled until May 15, 2020, assistance by phone and email during normal operating hours,
accept returns through the outside receptacle (island receptacle will be closed), continue to
provide digital resources and children’s programming through social media and website
5. Municipal Building-front doors to be locked until May 15, 2020, employees will be able to make
appointments with HR, public will be able to make appointments with Parks and Recreation, City
Manager, HR, Finance, City Secretary, Main Street, and GMA/CVB
6. Parks and Recreation (see operational guidelines attached)-park amenities that will be closed
are playgrounds, pavilions, restrooms, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and Reecy Davis
Recreation Center; all scheduled programs, activities, and events are cancelled until after May 15,
2020, Wright Park Golf Course will open with hours of 8am-8pm, pro-shop will remain closed,
accept electronic payments, sell merchandise and concessions through the window, 1-person per
cart unless live in same household , no more than 4 players per group, open space parks and trails
remain open with CDC guidelines being followed, disc golf course will open, and tennis courts
will open
7. Police Department and Courts-jail will be closed unless necessary, Warrant Round-Up will be
delayed until further notice, records window will open May 4, 2020, court taking online or over
the phone payments, exchanging documents at the door if needed, no court being held until after
May 15, 2020
8. Fire Administration-front doors will be locked until May 15, 2020, available by appointment
Meetings: All meetings will be conducted as scheduled using teleconferencing or video conferencing
where applicable until May 15, 2020.

City of Greenville Parks & Recreation Department

2821 Washington Street – Greenville, Texas 75401 – 903.457.2994

May 1, 2020 – May 15,2020

1. Playgrounds CLOSED
2. Pavilions CLOSED
3. Restrooms CLOSED
4. Water Fountains CLOSED
5. Horseshoe Pits CLOSED
6. Tennis Courts OPEN
7. Disc Golf Course OPEN
8. Basketball Courts CLOSED
9. Sand Volleyball Courts CLOSED
10. Athletic Fields (for the purpose of organized games) CLOSED
11. Dog Park OPEN
12. Reecy Davis Recreation Center CLOSED
Staff will clean all carts following each use.
1. Hours 8:00am – 8:00pm
2. Accept electronic payments
3. Carts allowed / rented – 1 person per cart OR 2 if in the same household
4. No more than 4 players per hole
5. No drinking fountains
6. Retail sales allowed (concessions / golf balls etc.)
7. No rakes, ball washers, coolers or trash cans
8. Raised cups only
9. No flag removal
10. No sharing clubs
11. No post round handshakes
12. Pro-Shop will remain closed to visitors
1. Follow CDC guidance on personal hygiene prior to visiting
parks or trails.
2. Do not use parks or trails if you are exhibiting symptoms
3. No restrooms
4. No park amenities
5. 6’ social distancing from other persons at all times
6. Share trail and warn other users of your presence as you pass


What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
Symptoms of COVID-19 may appear 2-14 days after exposure, range from mild to severe, and include:
Shortness of Breath
How does COVID-19 spread?

Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
Always wash hands with soap and water if hands are visibly dirty.
Community-based interventions such as social distancing and creating employee plans to work remotely can help slow the spread of COVID-19.

CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a face mask to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including COVID-19.
Face masks should be used by people who show symptoms of COVID-19 to help prevent the spread of the disease to others. The use of face masks is also crucial for health workers and people who are taking care of someone in close settings (at home or in a health care facility).

Travel information
If a person has recently traveled to a country with a sustained outbreak and has developed symptoms, they should call their doctor. Traveler information including returning from travel, canceling or postponing travel, air or cruise travel, and business travel can be found on the CDC website.

DSHS COVID-19 Call Center
The Department of State Health Services established a COVID-19 Call Center and set up an email box to receive incoming questions from the general public.
DSHS COVID-19 Call Center: 877-570-9779
Hours: Monday - Friday. 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Opening of Greenville after COVID-19Closure of Facilities as of 
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Latest Update:

July 3, 2020 6:25 PM

Full Daily Release from Hunt County.

Full Release 07.03.20

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July 2, 2020 9:14 PM

31 new positive test results for COVID-19 have been reported in Hunt County. The Hunt County Health Department completed an initial investigation and determined that the individuals in question reside in Hunt County. The general information for the 31 new patients is below. Hunt County will include up-to-date hospital numbers in the morning report.
Because three of the earlier Tracked Cases were either outside of the County or tested negative, there have been a total of 533 positive cases of Hunt County residents to date.
Each morning, the County will release and post on its website a new set of numbers and charts showing the total number of cases, including the status and ZIP Codes of those cases. The state’s website includes a map which may be accessed at “” by clicking on the “Texas Case Counts” link.

31 New Positive COVID-19 Test Results in Hunt County
July 2, 2020 6:34 PM

The Hunt County Health Department has been diligently tracking individual COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic. It has become clear that some people who have contracted COVID-19 are intentionally ignoring quarantine requirements, and returning to work or participating in other activities outside their home – even when they are fully aware that they can spread the virus. Over a month ago, Hunt County set aside $25,000 to meet the needs of affected individuals with legitimate needs so that they would not feel compelled to leave their homes until they recovered from the virus. The Commissioners Court recently increased that amount to $50,000, and those funds are being administered by Hunt County Shared Ministries.
Despite these efforts, some people who have contracted the virus have repeatedly and intentionally violated the quarantine rules, and left their homes – even after repeated and clear warnings that they were not allowed to leave their homes. This type of behavior is dangerous to the public health by any measure.
On July 1, 2020, Hunt County filed suit against one such individual. The County is seeking a judicial order requiring that the individual in question by confined to their home until they test negative for COVID-19. The pleading was filed as a sealed pleading due to HIPPA requirements that individuals with COVID-19 not be identified to the public. A hearing on the matter is set for 9:00am next Monday morning, July 6, 2020, but will not be open to the public due to HIPPA rules.

Hunt County Files Quarantine Lawsuit