Audie Murphy American Cotton Museum

The Audie Murphy American Cotton Museum takes visitors on a look back though Greenville and Hunt County's colorful history.  Major Exhibits include The Hall of Heroes, Cotton Exhibit, Hunt County Gallery, Ende-Gillard House, and the Hunt County War Memorial.  For more information, including hours and pricing, visit Cotton Museum

Hall of Heroes

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Cotton Exhibit

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The military Hall of Heroes, covering approximately 3,700 sq. ft., opened in the spring of 2010. Walk through a WWI trench and meander through the armory of antique guns on display. Stroll among the extensive exhibits on WWII and learn about the regional and national heroes that came from our very own small Texas county... Audie Murphy, Claire Chennault, Dean Hallmark and Nolan Herndon just to name a few.

Discover the days of a bygone era when cotton was a part of everyday life in Hunt County. Greenville was home to the world's largest inland cotton compress, which set a world record both in 1911 and 1912. Imagine in just one 10-hour workday being able to compress 2,073 bales of cotton! The engine of the compress is on display at the Museum.


Hunt County Exhibit

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Ende-Gillard House

Museum, Ende Gillard House

The long-awaited Hunt County Gallery opened to the public in 2016! This section has been expanded to include exhibits on the early history of Hunt County, the people, schools and early businesses of this area. In addition, there will be a 1920s era main street exhibit with five stores that visitors will be able "window shop" as they walk down the "main street". They include a millinery, a clothing shop, beauty salon, hardware store and drugstore. Make sure to come on by to take a look at our newest gallery!

Visit the historic Ende-Gillard House on the grounds of the Museum. Built from 1857-1859 it is the oldest standing house in Greenville. The first floor is completely furnished and dates back to the late 1800's.  This home is especially fun to visit during the holidays as you can see how Christmas was celebrated by our fore-fathers.

Hunt County War Memorial

Audie Murphy Statue (2)

A ten foot bronze statue of Audie Murphy sculpted by Greenville artist Gordon Thomas stands vigil over the war memorial that was dedicated in 2004 to honor the memory of the 271 soldiers of Hunt County who gave their lives to protect and defend the United States in times of war during the 20th Century. As Audie Murphy once stated, "The true heroes, the real heroes, are the boys who fought and died, and never will come home."