Benefits Information

Benefits – City of Greenville

Holidays – 11 days

New Year’s Day                                                         Veteran’s Day

Dr. M.L. King Jr’s Birthday                                     Thanksgiving Day

Good Friday                                                               Friday after Thanksgiving

Memorial Day                                                           Christmas Eve

Independence Day                                                 Christmas Day

Labor Day

Health Insurance 

All regular full-time employees are offered medical (PPO and HDHP/HSA) and dental insurance provided by the City.  This insurance provides coverage of hospitalization and major medical expenses for illness and accidental injuries off the job.  Family coverage is available by payroll deductions at reduced group rates.  The current provider for these services is Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is available from Mutual of Omaha.  The amount for this coverage is based on the employee’s age and the dollar amount of coverage requested.  Accidental Death and Dismemberment are also available from Mutual of Omaha.  Short-term and long-term disability benefits are provided by the City at no cost to the employee.

Vision Insurance 

The City offers a comprehensive vision insurance plan for the employee and their families.  The current provider for this service is Superior Vision.    

Supplemental Insurances 

The City offers additional supplemental insurances for the employee to choose from.  Those supplemental programs are through Mutual of Omaha and Aflac. Follow the link to learn more about Aflac

Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts 

Flexible Spending (FSA) account of up to $2,750.00 and Health Savings (HSA) account of up to $3,550 individual/$7,100 family are available for use on a pre-tax basis.  The FSA card is pre-loaded at the first of the year for use throughout the year allowing you to carry over $500 at the end of the year if needed.  The HSA card has a city contribution of $750 individual/$1,500 family that is loaded at the first of the year for assistance with medical costs but must be selected during open enrollment with the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).


 All employees in the City service, except temporary, and seasonal, shall be allowed vacation leave with pay after the successful completion of the probationary period following initial employment.  Employees shall accrue vacation at the rate of 15 days per year accrued on a monthly basis. Regular part-time employees shall accrue vacation time in direct proportion to the monthly hours normally scheduled to work.    Vacation leave may be taken in one-hour increments at any time thereafter upon approval.

 Sick Leave 

All employees, except temporary and seasonal employees, shall be entitled to sick leave with pay.  Sick leave credit shall accrue at the rate of one day with pay for each month of service completed.  During the probationary period, sick leave may be used as accrued.  Regular part-time employees shall accrue sick leave in direct proportion to the monthly hours normally scheduled to work.  Sick leave may be used and shall be charged in one-hour increments.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The City provides a confidential service through our EAP to assist with personal or job-related concerns.  Unlimited telephone service allows you access to EAP professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

TMRS – Retirement

 The City provides a Supplemental Death Benefit to employees through TMRS.  In case of the death of an active employee, TMRS would pay their beneficiary a payment equal to one time their annual salary.  A Death Benefit is also provided to TMRS retirees in the amount of $7,500.  All employees are not eligible for TMRS.  TMRS is only for employees who work over 1,000 hours per calendar year.

457 Deferred Compensation

The City does not place the amounts in a tax-deferred investment.   The employee selects where they want their contributions invested.