Dallas Skydive Lodge

Skydivers free falling through a cloud-filled sky

Located east of Greenville off US 69, the Dallas Skydive Lodge offers the ultimate thrill-seeker experience - free-falling from the sky at 120 miles per hour!  Learn the skill of skydiving in the air conditioned lodge and depart from Greenville’s Majors Field.  After a 20 minute climb to 2 miles above the ground you exit the aircraft and free-fall back to the earth. The parachute ride lasts for about 5 minutes with a landing at the lodge next to your family and friends.  The lodge has plenty of room for spectators and there are refrigerators and grills on the back porch for parties.  The more the merrier!  Please bring your friends and family to watch your training and free-fall experience.  Kids welcome!  For more information and pricing, please visit Dallas Skydive Lodge.