Community Involvement


Contact Lieutenant Crawford at (903) 457-2923 or by Email about the following programs:
  • McGruff - McGruff is an interactive, larger-than-life costume that has been taking a bite out of crime for over 25 years.
  • Non GISD Classroom Presentation
  • Building Tour
  • Drug / Alcohol Program
  • Security Inspections
  • Other Programs
  • Apartment Managers/Police Partnership Coalition
  • Personal Safety Tips
  • Fraud Prevention - Education for adults and businesses on scams and identity theft. These scams range from online scams, pigeon drop scams, bank and check washing scams, to construction scams. These criminals mainly target the retired and elderly, but they will target anyone. With a little education these crimes can be prevented. Just remember, if it's too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Kid Fingerprinting - Provides identifying information on a missing child. When a child is missing or is considered a runaway, the police investigators need as much information as possible about the child. Kid fingerprinting allows you to keep up to date information of your child's vital statistics. Even though fingerprints will never change, the Greenville Police Department recommends that you update your child's height and weight and replace your child's photo with a current photo each year.
  • National Night Out - The annual neighborhood crime prevention event brings neighbors together to stand against crime. Everyone is encouraged to get involved whether by hosting or attending a neighborhood party or just by turning on your porch light during National Night Out to show your support.
  • Neighborhood Watch - The Neighborhood Watch program brings citizens together to watch out for each other's property. This concept builds on the primary Crime Prevention strategy of having a vested interest in your community. The simple act of neighbors knowing neighbors has been proven to reduce crime in neighborhoods.
Contact Lieutenant Crawford Email about the following programs:
For after hours and weekend programs, a 30 day notice is preferred with a 15 day minimum required. This does not guarantee an officer will be available.

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