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  1. Community Voice START-UP or NOT?

    We are wanting to start a communication with the citizens where the citizens can give opinions, and converse with us at the City to add valuable input. These are just a broad range of topics that we could cover in this. Right now we are adding this to see if we have interest in this idea. So, make sure to respond to this to let us know if this sounds like something intriguing to you. *Community Activity Ideas *Economic Development Ideas *Housing and Neighborhood Enhancements *Infrastructure and Environment Improvements * Quality of Life Improvements *Suggest a New Initiative Keep in mind this is NOT the platform for complaints, we already have a place to do that, this is for an open communication between the City and Citizens. Could be a lot of fun, and we are sure you all have great ideas. Remember to respond to this so we can see if this feature will bring interaction

  2. Website Redesign Survey

    We are officially redesigning the website, exciting changes are going to happen. We are here to ask the citizens opinion, and start the VERY FIRST citizen engaged discussion. Be a voice and be involved in the forward motion. *What do you like most about our website? *What would you like to see change on our website? *How easy is it to find what you are looking for? *What was your first impression when you entered the website?

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