Northeast Texas Trail

Northeast Texas Trail composite showing bikers, hikers, horseback riders and sights

Located just North and West of Greenville are 3 entry points to the longest trail in Texas - the Northeast Texas Trail!  Starting in nearby Farmersville, this 132-mile trail meanders through Northeast Texas to just west of Texarkana!   The trail connects 19 cities spread across seven counties. There are several creeks and more than 100 rail bridges. It begins about a block away from downtown Farmersville, at the Onion Shed, a large pavilion from the 1930s. Mile zero is marked with a rail tie in the ground. The first two and one-half miles are paved, then there are crushed stone, dirt, and gravel surfaces. Outside Farmersville, the route feels remote and forested.  Some portions of the trail are paved like in Farmersville, some are cleared and mowed, and a lot of it is rough terrain. While some parts of the trail are still under development, thousands of fans are already finding many miles of adventure.  And if you are staying in Greenville, there are three nearby convenient entry points for you to explore this trail.  They are in Farmersville, Celest, and Wolfe City.  The best parking is found in Farmersville and Celest.  For more information, please visit Northeast Texas Trail.