Traffic Unit

Job Summary:

The primary responsibility of the traffic officer is to patrol the streets of Greenville and identify and address traffic violations. The traffic officer uses proactive means to identify and address crash-prone areas and alleviate them. The traffic officer performs the duties of an advanced accident investigator and may become certified as an Accident Reconstructionist. This position under no circumstances negates the officer's responsibilities to enforce Local, State or Federal law. The traffic officer will immediately respond to any need of the Greenville Police Department.

Texas Troubles:
The Unexpected Insights Behind
254 Counties & 16,252 Fatal Crashes

The second largest state in the country, Texas's massive land area is divided into more counties than any other state. The 254 counties that make up the Lone Star State include densely populated urban centers, bustling suburban communities, little towns, large ranches, small farms and vast areas of nearly empty grasslands and deserts. Driving conditions vary as much as the state's population density and geography. The same sort of diversity appears in the number of deadly car accidents recorded in each Texas county, according to data from the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

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