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In May 2019, voters approved a $15.5M bond.  The Stonewall and Sayle Street Projects were started as a result.  In November 2020, $4.5M was approved by citizens for the Roy Warren Pkwy extension. In the May 2021 election, a $50M road bond was approved by citizens.   The following scenarios are the miles of collector roads and residential roads that represent what is being considered to be funded by the $50M road bond.  The actual roads construction scenarios will be determined by the Council.

Scenario 1:
13 miles of collector roads       $39  million
11 miles of residential roads    $11   million                                                                
23 miles total                                $50 million

Scenario 2:
8 miles of collector roads         $24 million
26 miles of residential roads  $26 million
34 miles total                                $50 million

Scenario 3:
5 miles of collector roads         $39 million
35 miles of residential roads  $11   million
39 miles total                                $50 million

Scenario 4:
50 miles of residential roads  $50 million

**Note: The status of road work will be updated as information becomes available

Last updated JANUARY 5, 2023 

$50M Road Bond Projects
Design % Complete
Construction % Complete
The Cedars Addition
Bois D Arc St.- Lee to Park 100%
Gabe Estates
Carol Dr.-Traders to Centerpoint
Centerpoint Ln.-Jacqueline to Jack Finney100%
Roy Warren-Service Rd. to Traders100%100%
Roy Warren-Traders Rd. to 1570 
Oneal St.- Joe Ramsey to Wesley98%
Templeton St.-Wellington to King
Stanford St. Ph 1- Sayle to Wesley100%100%
Stanford St. Ph 2-Wesley to Moulton
Walnut St.- Lee to Sockwell 100%40%
Ridgecrest Rd.- Sayle to Wellington 70%
Caddo St. - King to Wellington 70%
Bourland St. - Utilis to Stonewall80%
Wilton-Loraine to Esma
Walworth St.- Wesley to Moulton80%
Tulane-HWY 34 to Skyline
Patty J St./Tracy St.- Jack Finney to Charlotte75%
Spencer St.- Langford to End100%95%
Pickett St.-Langford to End
Washington St.-Langford to End
Langford St.- Lee to Spencer 100%95%
Jones St.- King to 7th100%

Sayle / Stonewall Streets Bond Projects
Design % Complete
Construction % Complete
Stonewall St.- Poplar Ave. to Joe Ramsey Blvd.100%100%
Sayle St.- Kari Ln. to Lark100%100%