Event-Eclipse 2024

Total eclipse

On Monday, April 8, 2024, most of the United States will look to the skies as our country experiences the Great North American Eclipse.  And Greenville Texas is right in the heart of the path of totality!  What does that mean exactly?  Well, while the Eclipse itself will last 2 hours, 39, minutes and 13 seconds in Greenville, we will get 4 minutes and 10 seconds of total darkness when the moon completely blocks out the sun.  So, if you want a great place to view the eclipse, Greenville is the place to be.  And with a celestial event this big, we have decided to celebrate for three full days of activities.

We’re still in the early planning stages but we are working to fill April 6 – 8 with a variety of activities for families and adults who choose Greenville as their eclipse destination.  Our Eclipse Home Base will be the beautiful 110-acre Greenville Sports Park with plenty of wide-open spaces for both viewing and parking.  We are working with many of our city departments, business partners, and citizens to coordinate traffic plans, viewing options, special activities, and much more.  So, keep checking back with us as plans come together and we will continue to update this page with information.

Eclipse map of Greenville Texas 2024

Greenville will be in the path of a total eclipse from 12:24:58  PMuntil 3:04:11 PM.  The eclipse event will last for approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes, with the total eclipse occurring from 1:42:15 PM until 1:46:25 PM.  



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