Fire and Arson Investigations

We currently have fire investigators on each shift and certified arson investigators working for Greenville Fire. The role of fire and arson investigators is to determine the cause and origin of a fire and determine if the fire was unintentionally or deliberately set.  

Investigators examine the scene looking at a variety of physical evidence. This evidence is identified, collected (either through physical retrieval or photo documentation), and analyzed to help determine the cause and origin of the fire. A detailed report is created, and depending on the result of the investigation, charges may or may not be filed for prosecution. Arson is one of the most difficult cases to prove in a court of law. Investigators use every method available to ensure that they have a solid case before presenting it to the District Attorney’s office.

If you have questions for our staff, please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at (903) 457-2945, or by email

Arson Awareness

Arson Tip Hotline

1-877-4FIRE45 OR  1-877-434-7345