Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention Program

We provide a Youth Firesetting Prevention and Intervention Program free of charge. Early intervention is an important concept that can be applied to youth fire setting. It isn't necessary to wait for children to commit crimes to provide diversion or intervention. 

We are positioned to discover behaviors before they evolve to delinquency and/or criminal charges, as well as provide additional resources for youth and their families. When a child starts a fire, it is not out of curiosity. Being curious about fire is natural but setting fires is not. 

Early intervention is important as fire setting behavior typically escalates and with that, the chances for harm are even greater. Youth who set fires need intervention and the earlier it can be discovered, the greater the chances for a positive resolution.

For more information, please contact the Fire Marshal’s office at 903-457-2945 or 903-457-2940.