Mutual Aid/TIFMAS/TTF2

From time to time, you may hear in the news that Greenville firefighters have responded outside the city limits of Greenville on a mutual aid request, have been deployed to some location in Texas, or even to another state to provide support. The following are various ways we provide mutual aid support:


  • Local/Regional Mutual Aid 

GFR has agreements through Hunt County and the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex to provide mutual aid when requested. This is a reciprocal agreement and is used when departments need additional resources to mitigate the emergency at hand. It could be for a structure fire, wildland fire, natural disaster, or even a large-scale medical emergency such as an explosion with many patients.  

  • Texas Intrafire Mutual Aid System (TIFMAS)

GFR is also part of the Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System commonly known as TIFMAS. TIFMAS is maintained by the Texas A&M Forest Service. We are also eligible to receive grants and training through this system. Through TIFMAS, we provide (and can receive) additional resources in large-scale emergencies.  

For more information, go to TIFMAS

  • Texas Task Force 2 (TX-TF2) 

GFR has multiple firefighters who are members of TX-TF2, one of two state Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) teams. These rescue teams work in conjunction with medical staff, engineers, K-9 handlers, and logistics support among others, to provide a coordinated effort in large-scale disasters. Firefighters must complete additional training on an annual basis to maintain skill sets for complex rescue scenarios. 

For more information, go to TX-TF2