The responsibilities of the Records Division include, but are not limited to:
  • Serving as the central storehouse for all criminal records created by and for the Greenville Police Department
  • Maintaining all departmental records
  • Maintaining accurate, secure files that can be quickly retrieved for use by the Department
  • Assisting other law enforcement agencies and the general public
  • Researching and maintaining records, Public Information Requests, and school notifications of Registered Sex Offenders; These records are available to the public from the Records Division or from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Crime Records Service
  • Receiving and processing the Public Information Requests under the Texas Public Information Act for access to information that has been collected, assembled, or maintained by the Greenville Police Department
  • Electronically merging and coding Cases, Arrests, Supplements, and Property Reports using Spillman software into the computer system
  • Providing data to Uniform Crime Reporting Program in connection with the Federal Bureau of Investigations
  • Register all fire and burglar alarms in the City of Greenville

For a Public Information Request from the Police Department

Step 1
: Fill out the form below
Public Information Request Form
Step 2: Send the completed form to


All records maintained by the Records Unit are governed by the rules and regulations set out by the Texas State Library, the Public Information Act, and the Texas Penal Code.