Instrument Approaches

Wilcox Mark 1-D Category 1 Instrument Landing System
  • Localizer
  • Middle Marker
  • Glideslope
  • Nondirectional Radio Beacon
  • Outer Marker
  • Tower Monitor & Control
The ILS has published minimums of 200-foot ceilings with 3/4 mile visibility to accomodate Category A, B, C, D, and E aircraft. The TACAN system, located on the airfield, permits suitably equipped aircraft to land at minimums of 500-foot ceilings, with 1 1/4 mile visability.

A back-course ILS approach utilizing the Cash NDB, provides a non-recision approach to Runway 35, with published minimums of:

  • 900-foot ceiling, with a local altimeter setting for one mile visibility for Category A, B, and C aircraft
  • 900-foot ceiling and 1 1/4 mile visibility for Category D and E aircraft
To provide non-precision IFR capability, VOR/DME information from the Bonham VORTAC station can be used for instrument takeoffs and landings at minimums of 600-foot ceilings and 1 ¼ mile visibility for Category A, B & C aircraft and 600-foot ceilings and 1 ½ mile visibility for Category D & E aircraft.