Billing Information

Due Dates

Payment for a utility service is due upon receipt and past due 15 days from the billing date. A 5% late penalty is charged for payments received after 5:00 pm on the 15th day of the month.

Credit Card Payments

The City of Greenville / GEUS accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card for utility payments. To make a credit card payment, visit the Online Bill Pay

Budget Billing / Equal Payment Plan

To apply for this plan, use the Equal Payment Plan Application Form. Consumers may take advantage of an equal payment plan for the electric portion of their bill by signing up during the months of September-April.

An average electric usage is taken for the past 12 months to determine the monthly budget bill payment for electricity. On months when electricity consumption exceeds the amount of the budget bill payment, money is taken from the holding account and applied to the bill. On the anniversary date of the consumer's budget bill plan, any arrears are collected and any balances are credited.

Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay is now available for Greenville utility customers. Customers will need to set up an online account.

Customers will receive an email each month when the bill is ready to view online. A paper bill will also be mailed, but please consider the option under Account Settings of not receiving a paper bill.

Customers will be able to view the last three bills online.

Customers may make one-time or reoccurring payments by credit card. There are no transaction fees for using a credit card.

Re-Reads and Meter Tests

At the consumer's request, meters will be re-read. If the meter was misread, there is no charge. If the re-read indicates the first reading was correct, a charge of $5 will be billed.

At the consumer's request, a meter will be pulled and tested and a new meter installed. If the meter tested is working properly, a charge of $15 will be billed.