Doing Business in Greenville


Located north of Dallas, Greenville serves as the business hub to north Texas with all the elements conducive to a healthy, productive business life:
  • Clean environment
  • Plentiful land
  • Public and private schools and churches
  • Convenient access to Dallas
  • Educated and diverse work force
  • Business-friendly attitude
  • Fully-developed transportation networks
  • Aggressive marketing program

Diversity in Products

Home to Fortune 500 companies, Greenville's economic strength is its pro-business attitude and its diversified manufacturing and distribution base. Products range from government contracting and manufacturing to data processing centers.


Situated in the heart of north Texas, Greenville employers fill 11,288 jobs, drawing from a labor force of 562,514 within a 40 mile radius. Surveys conducted by companies with multiple sites throughout the U.S. indicate Greenville employees are their most productive and held the record for the lowest absenteeism in the nation.

Pro-Business Attitude

The City's pro-business attitude is reflected in its adoption of guidelines and criteria for Tax Abatement and establishment of the Greenville Enterprise Zone. Greenville is ready and able to provide additional incentives to business and industry that are expanding in or relocating to Greenville.

Nationally-recognized companies such as L-3 Communications and Cytec have taken advantage of the excellent location of these industrial parks, transportation links, local incentives, and Greenville's pro-business philosophy and have found that the grass is greener in Greenville.