Substandard Structures Rehabilitation Board

Meets 1st Monday at 5:15 pm as needed

The Substandard Structures Rehabilitation Board is a five member board appointed by the City Council. The Board has the power to require the vacation of a structure that is hazardous to the health, safety and welfare of the occupants. The Board may require the repair or demolition of a structure and issue orders to any peace officer of the State to enforce the orders of the Board.

Staff Contact

Steve Methven, Community Development Director
(903) 457-3160


Members serve three two-year terms.

Term Expires
Glover George Place One 12/31/2022
James Evans  Place Two 12/31/2022
Barry Gluck Place Three 12/31/2021
Deborah Hoskins Place Four 12/31/2021
Kelly Reagan Place Five 12/31/2022
Vacant Alternate One N/A
Vacant Alternate Two N/A

Substandard Structures Rehabilitation Board Brochure