Zoning Board of Adjustment

Meets as needed

The Zoning Board of Adjustment is a five-member quasi-judicial board appointed by the City Council whose primary responsibility is to hear and review requests for variances or appeals on matters related to the City of Greenville Zoning Ordinance. It is not a legislative body and does not have authority to amend ordinances or create new laws.

Staff Contact

Steve Methven
Director of Community Development/Planning and Zoning
(903) 457-3160


Members serve three two-year terms.

Term Expires
Jim Bob Holley Place One 12/31/2022
James Satterwhite, Jr. Place Two 12/31/2023
Barry Gluck - Chairman Place Three 12/31/2022
Vacant  Place Four 12/31/2020
John Martyn Place Five 12/31/2023
Vacant  Alternate One 12/31/2020
Vacant Alternate Two 12/31/2020
Vacant Alternate Three 12/31/2020
Vacant Alternate Four 12/31/2021

Zoning Board of Adjustment Brochure