Court Rules / Dress Code


  • The court is a secure environment. All cell phones must be silenced while in court.
  • No food, drink, candy, or gum is allowed in the courtroom.
  • Concealed handgun permits do not apply in court. No weapons or guns will be tolerated. Smoking is also prohibited by law in all areas of City buildings.
  • Avoid bringing small children to court. If you must bring them, it is your responsibility to supervise their behavior and keep them quiet while in the court.
  • No pets allowed in the courtroom.

Dress Code

The City of Greenville Municipal Court has the right to refuse entrance in court to any person it deems is dressed inappropriately.

The following is prohibited:
  • T-shirts that have offensive slogans or pictures
  • Halter / tube tops
  • Short skirts
  • Short shorts (above the knee)
  • Spaghetti strap / sleeveless shirts
  • Hats and sunglasses
  • Any other clothing or attire that the judge deems inappropriate