City Secretary

Primary Responsibilities

The City Secretary's office provides administrative support to the City Council, City Manager, and City Staff in many diversified ways.

In conjunction with the City Manager's office, the City Secretary's office prepares and distributes all the City Council agenda packets and keeps accurate minutes of all City Council proceedings.

The office of the City Secretary accepts and validates petitions submitted by citizens. Additionally, the City Secretary is the person designated to respond to open records requests under the Texas Public Information Act.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Collecting and cataloging ordinances, resolutions, proclamations, open records requests, and contracts
  • Codifying applicable ordinances adopted by the City Council
  • Overseeing the records management program for the City
  • Performing research of records for the City Council, staff, and public
  • Administering all municipal elections
  • Coordinating the appointment process of boards and commissions