Notification Process


When a violation has been confirmed at a property, the property owner / tenant is allowed a certain number of days to abate the violation before further action is taken. The number of days allowed depends on the type of the violation.

For more information, call (903) 457-3100.

7 & 10-Day Notices

Seven-day notices are issued for most nuisance violations such as high grass. Ten day for trash and refuse, improper storage, etc. The notice allows 7-10 days (including mail time) for compliance. This type of notice can be given to the tenant as well as the property owner.

Returned Notices

If notices are returned and/or the resident has relocated, returned mail is logged and forwarded, if applicable. This does not stop the enforcement process.

Failure to update tax records or notify the post office of any relocation may result in adverse action by the inspector. It is up to each property owner to keep his/her address information current.

Inability to Comply

If the property owner or tenant is unable to comply within the time period specified in the notification, contact should be made with the inspector prior to the deadline date.


Extensions are sometimes allowed within a reasonable time frame by the inspector issuing the initial notification.