Permits & Inspections

Important Changes

November 1, 2021

1.    All Plans for New homes must have an engineer design letter stating the structure meets 2018 IRC per chapter 3 of the IRC

2.    A form board survey is required prior to Plumbing Rough Inspection.

3.    All Exterior A/C units must have Freon Locks (Locking access port caps) per 2018 IRC section M1101.10

4.    Please be sure you have 3 sets of site plans, construction plans, and Res checks (energy reports) that are size 8x11  (construction plans, site plans) for new home submittals. 

Beginning December 1, 2022 

1. Next-day inspections- (no more same-day inspections). Inspections must be called in by 3 pm to have inspection next business day. Inspections called in after 3 pm will go to the second business day. 

2.    All new residential building sites are required to have an 8ft-by-8ft trash box constructed on the lot. Until the garage door is installed or until completion.

3.    All new residential construction requires a visible address from the street and/or alley if applicable. For every inspection.

4.    All construction is required to have a hard copy of the permit and plans on location for all inspections as required by 2018 IRC section R105.7.

5.    Builder Sign- Builder will need to post contact information on all lots with active construction, for Police and Code Enforcement.

(Builder’s sign)

Business name 

Business phone number 

For Code enforcement and Police

Exception: Subdivisions with the single builder (one sign for subdivision is allowed). 

6.    Permanent address and complete exterior Brick/Siding/Stucco is required before “Temporary Utilities” inspection will be conducted. 

7.    Brick tie inspection must be called in before siding is installed. This is to inspect all penetrations including windows and doors are properly tape flashed. 


The Permits and Inspections Division personnel:

  • Receive and review all building permit applications
  • Perform related inspections for construction activities on private property

Types of permits include residential construction, commercial and industrial construction, pools, and accessory buildings, including electrical, mechanical, plumbing, concrete, and energy.