Certificates of Occupancy


When is a Certificate of Occupancy Required?

A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is required to occupy or use any building or structure within the City of Greenville.

New Buildings or Structures

A CO is issued after all final inspections have been performed and the building or structure is judged complete.

Existing Building or Structures

Any time there is a change in the ownership or occupancy of an existing non-residential building, a new Certificate of Occupancy must be issued for that new owner or occupant.

Examples include:
  • When a business moves into a previously vacant building
  • When the primary occupant of a non-residential building changes
  • When the ownership of an existing non-residential building changes
A new CO is also required when there is a change in ownership of a multi-family development.

A new CO is not required for a change of ownership or occupancy of a single family home (residential).