Welcome to the Office of Planning

Roles and Responsibilities

The Office of Planning regulates short- and long-range planning, land development, subdivision platting, and zoning appeals within the City of Greenville and its Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. Our goal is to serve you by making our process as simple and structured as possible. We care about our City and want to promote quality of life elements for our citizens while encouraging economic development and redevelopment.

Comprehensive Plan:

The Office of Planning maintains and updates the City's Comprehensive Plan. The State of Texas grants powers to municipalities for the purpose of promoting sound development and public health, safety, and welfare (Chapter 213, Texas Local Government Code).

Zoning Ordinance:

The Office of Planning maintains, interprets, and updates the Greenville Zoning Ordinance and the Official Zoning map (this map is currently being updated, please contact Community Development for local zoning).The State of Texas delegates zoning authority to the municipal level. The 1928 Standard State Zoning Enabling Act laid this basic foundation for the granting of zoning power from the state to the local level.

Subdivision Ordinance:

The Office of Planning maintains, interprets, and updates the Greenville Subdivision Regulations. The City elected to extend the application of the Subdivision Ordinance to the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in 2006. Chapter 212 of the Texas Local Government Code states that a municipality may adopt rules governing plats and subdivisions of land in order to promote the health, safety, morals, or general welfare of the municipality and the safe, orderly, and healthful development of the municipality.

Zoning Board of Adjustment:

The Office of Planning acts as the staff liaison for the Zoning Board of Adjustment by accepting applications for variances, administrative appeals, special exceptions, and changes in nonconforming status.