Public Health

RFE Guidance for Boil-Water Operations (Rev. 02-2021)_Page_1

RFE Guidance for Boil-Water Operations (Rev. 02-2021)_Page_2


  • Ensuring that the residents and visitors of Greenville are protected from conditions which are detrimental to health and safety
  • Enforcing environmental and consumer health related statutes and ordinances
  • Inspecting retail food establishments that include, but are not limited to: restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, commercial kitchens/food service areas in schools, hospitals, hotels/motels, child care facilities, nursing care facilities, detention centers, and any other establishment where food is offered or served to the public
  • Inspecting public and semi-public swimming pools
  • Responding to other health related complaints
  • Administering the City of Greenville Food Manager Registration program


    The City of Greenville Public Health does not have medical facilities.
    For information on shots or immunizations, please contact the Hunt County Health Department at (903) 455-4433 or (903) 408-4100.