Food Establishment Scores

Food Establishment Classifications


The following classes have been defined for all food establishments within the City of Greenville:

  • Class 1 - Establishments involved with the preparation of potentially hazardous foods from scratch, including but not limited to full-service restaurants, delis, bakeries, doughnut shops, sandwich shops, and yogurt shops.
  • Class 2 - Establishments serving open foods such as hot dogs. This will typically include convenience stores with hot dog sales, bulk candy stores, coffee shops, and ice bagging operations.
  • Class 3 - Establishments selling pre-packaged food items only (these are allowed to sell popcorn). These food establishments typically include convenience stores and gas stations.
  • Class 4 - Bulk food sales and storage or warehouse operations including outdoor markets.
  • Class 5 - Supermarkets/meat markets with deli/bakeries, including sausage production.
  • Class 6 - Special Food Sales Permits (Incidental Sales - food sales that are minor to the operation)
  • Class 7 - Day Care Centers - Limited to child or adult care facilities where food is prepared and served on site.




*Below will be updated when new ratings are received 

Retail Food EstablishmentAddressReview DateRating
Academy Sports + Outdoors 3204 I-3012/10/2022A
ALDI6606 Wesley09/27/2022
American Legion Post 174509 Moulton

Applebee's Bar & Grill7004 Wesley09/27/2022A
Arby's5001 Hwy 69

Atwood's5222 Wesley11/15/2022A
Auntie Anne's (in Walmart)7401 Wesley01/03/2023A
Best Western Plus3001 Mustang Crossing12/09/2022A
Big Lots6408 Wesley12/01/2022A
Bottlecap Alley5804 Wesley 11/15/2022A
Bowie Elementary School6005 Stonewall09/28/2022A
Brass Rail, The1218 I-30, Ste A12/15/2022A
Braum's Ice Cream Store6601 Wesley12/06/2022A-
Brazusa Indoor Soccer5002 Moulton

Briarcliff Health Center4400 Walnut11/08/2022A
Brookland Learning Center6804 Jack Finney10/20/2022A
Brookshires (Deli)6410 Wesley01/03/2023A
Brookshires (Grocery)6410 Wesley01/03/2023A
Brookshires (Meat Market)6410 Wesley01/03/2023A
Buffet Palace3202 I-30 W12/08/2022A-
Burger King7315 I-3011/18/2022B-
C.B.'s Sandwich Shop3304 Wesley12/02/2022A
CBD American Shaman6103 Wesley Suite G12/19/2022 A
Carver Elementary School2110 College10/21/2022A
Chevron Food Mart3509 Wesley 12/29/2022A
Chicken Express6211 Wesley10/13/2022A
Chick-Fil-A3130 I-3010/12/2022A
Chili's7099 I-3012/27/2022A
Chipotle Mexican Grill3118 I-30, Suite A10/17/2022A
CiCi's Pizza6506 Wesley10/04/2022B
Circle K #2744508 - Deli4801 Moulton 12/14/2022A
Circle K #2744508 - Store  4801 Moulton 12/14/2022A
City of Greenville-Civic Center5501 S. Hwy 69

City of Greenville-Sports Park Concession3601 Leo Hackney

Cool Business/Greenville Food Mart5207 Wesley St.12/21/2022A
Colonial Lodge Assisted Living3600 Stanford01/06/2023A
Comfort Suites2005 Center Point12/08/2022A
Cotton Patch Café3128 I-30 W10/17/2022A
Coquita's Taqueria5207 Wesley12/21/2022A-
Cracker Barrel3401 I-3010/27/2022A
Creative Hands Learning Center3506 Texas 11/04/2022 A
Creative Learning Academy4531 Stonewall11/30/2022B
Crockett Elementary School1316 Wolfe City Dr.09/28/2022A
CVS Pharmacy5010 Wesley11/15/2022A
Dairy Queen6308 S Wesley11/15/2022A
Discovery School3020 Eastland10/20/2022A
Dollar General #72963812 Wesley10/24/2022A
Dollar General #19515101 B Wesley10/03/2022A
Dollar Tree7812 Wesley12/09/2022A
Domino's4717 B Wesley12/01/2022A
Donut Palace50026 Del Ray10/20/2022B
Eagle Xpressway Food Mart (Store)3901 Rees St.

Eagle Xpressway Food Mart (Deli)3901 Rees St.

El Fenix3102 I-3010/07/2022 A
Ernie's Pit BBQ8707 Wesley12/22/2022A
Express Inn & Suites1215 I-3001/10/2023A
Exxon On the Run #577500 Wesley

Family Dollar #216214201 Wesley10/26/2022A
Family Dollar #308373900 Lee St.10/25/2022A
Family Dollar #123501615 Stonewall 09/30/2022 A
Fatto A Mano2205 Lee St.12/29/2022A
Fiddle & Fork 2610 Lee St.12/02/2022A
Firehouse Subs3110 I-30, #10312/06/2022A-
Fit City Nutrition2824 Terrell Rd., #10312/14/2022A
Freddy's Frozen Custard7001 I-30 11/28/2022 A
Fruteria y Antojitos5410 Wesley, SuiteD12/21/2022B
Gateway 537717 Wesley12/12/2022A
Git It Kwik (Store)9801 Wesley12/14/2022A
Glen Oaks Hospital301 Division10/07/2022A
Glenda's Café and Catering4400 Moulton11/29/2022A
GNC6834 Wesley

Golden Chick1218 I-30

Grab & Go6002 Wesley 01/03/2023A
Greenville Columbus Club2705 Sunset Strip

Greenville Donut9701 Wesley St., #20109/28/2022A
Greenville Gardens 3500 Park 01/09/2023B
Greenville Health & Rehabilitation4910 Wellington12/19/2022A-
Greenville High School3515 Lions Lair 10/24/2022A
Greenville Middle School3611 Texas10/24/2022A
Grubb's1514 Stonewall 09/30/2022A
Hampton Inn & Suites3001 Kari Lane12/08/2022A
Hangar Bar & Grill1215 I-3001/10/2023A-
Harrison House6400 Jack Finney11/04/2022A
Holiday Inn Express2901 Mustang Crossing12/09/2022A
Houston Education Center3923 Henry

Hunt County Jail2801 Stuart

Hunt Regional Medical Center4215 Joe Ramsey12/19/2022A
IHOP7006 Wesley12/21/2022A-
Jack in the Box6403 Wesley10/10/2022A
Jimmy John's3210 I-30, Ste C10/18/2022A
K Food Mart4101 O'Neal St.12/05/2022A
Kentucky Fried Chicken6010 Wesley12/05/2022A
Kwik Check #205004 Wesley12/05/2022A
L3 Harris Center Court & South 10001 Jack Finney Blvd.10/17/2022A
L. P. Waters2504 Carver11/08/2022A
La Catrina Street Tacos2919 Lee St. 10/21/2022 A
La Michoacana Meat Market(bakery)5106 Wesley11/08/2022A
La Michoacana Meat Market (grocery)5106 Wesley11/08/2022A
La Michoacana Meat Market(meat market)5106 Wesley11/08/2022A
La Michoacana Meat Market(taqueria)5106 Wesley11/08/2022A
La Sabrosita 2830 Lee St.12/27/2022A
Lamar Elementary School6321 Jack Finney10/21/2022A
Landmark on Lee2920 Lee St.

Landon Winery2508 Lee St.

Legend Health and Rehab2300 Jack Finney

Lil Bits Academy2508 Langford St11/08/2022A
Little Caesar's Pizza6103 Wesley11/10/2022A-
Liquor Depot1220 I-3012/27/2022A
Lodge of Colonial3590 Stanford St.01/06/2023A
McDonald's4929 Hwy 6911/10/2022A
Majestic 121401 Joe Ramsey12/08/2022A
Mariachi's  5403 Wesley St. 12/06/2022B
Marisco's del Golfo4002 Lee St.12/19/2022B
Meadow Oaks Academy8501 Jack Finney

Molina's8119 Wesley

Mr. J's Food Store (Store)
4220 Lee11/30/2022A
Mr. J's Food Store (Deli)4220 Lee11/30/2022A
Mr. J's #21700 Stonewall10/26/2022B
Murphy Express5001 Wesley10/24/2022A
Murphy USA7701 Wesley12/13/2022A
Musical Mexicana2717 Lee12/01/2022A
NAT 24 #1 (Deli)3200 Joe Ramsey12/27/2022A
NAT 24 #1 (Store)3200 Joe Ramsey12/27/2022A
Panda Express6809 I-3011/30/2022A
Panera Bread 3208 I-3010/18/2022A
Papa John's Pizza7215 I-3011/17/2022A
Peddler's Pizza4902 Wesley10/12/2022A
Pizza Hut Wing Street5305 Wesley12/05/2022A
Popeye's6615 I-3012/02/2022A
Prime Stop #1 (Store)4414 Wesley

Prime Stop #1 (Taqueria)4414 Wesley10/24/2022B
Prime Stop #2 (Store)6310 Wesley

Prime Stop #3 (Store)900 Wolfe City Dr.11/30/2022A
Prime Stop #3 (Taqueria)900 Wolfe City Dr.11/30/2022A
PTAA Greenville, gym concession8503 Jack Finney Blvd

Quick Stop6307 Wesley11/30/2022A
Quick Trip1400 N Joe Ramsey Blvd

Rancho Viejo Mexican Grill5105 IH 3010/11/2022A
Red Lobster7601 Wesley10/05/2022A
Retail King Mart (Store)3805 Lee12/14/2022A
Retail King Mart (Deli)3805 Lee12/14/2022A
Re Vamp Nutrition  8110 Wesley12/14/2022 A
Rib Crib6815 I-3011/30/2022A-
Schlotzsky's Deli6834 Wesley11/10/2022A
Senior Center Resources & Public Transit4912 Lee

1908 Joe Ramsey 
Shogun7215 I-3010/05/2022A
Sky Mart715 Joe Ramsey 10/28/2022A
Smoothie King3118 I-30, Suite B10/17/2022A
Snow Flake Donuts6001 Wesley09/28/2022A
Snuffer's 3104 Wesley10/07/2022A
Sonic Drive-In6219 Wesley12/01/2022A
Soulman's Bar-B-Que3201 I-3012/10/2022A
Splash Kingdom (main concession)6501 I-30

Splash Kingdom (snack bar)6501 I-30

St. Paul's Episcopal School8320 Jack Finney

Staples3834 Wesley12/10/2022A
Starbucks3138 I-3012/21/2022A
Subway 122006501 Wesley, Ste E12/01/2022A
Sugar Hill Express2500 Wellington12/29/2022A
Sunshine Shoppe Health Foods2705 Mockingbird12/10/2022A
Super 1 Food (Deli/Bakery)4811 Wesley10/03/2022A
Super 1 Food (Grocery, Produce,Meat Mkt)4811 Wesley10/03/2022A
Super 8 Motel 5010 Hwy 69 S12/07/2022B+
Super Bueno (Bakery)2601 King St.10/03/2022A
Super Bueno (Grocery)2601 King St.10/03/2022A
Super Bueno (Meat Market)
2601 King St.
Super Bueno (Taqueria)  2601 King St.10/03/2022A
Super Xpressway (Deli) 3901 Rees St.10/26/2022B
Super Xpressway (Grocery)3901 Rees St. 10/26/2022A
Sweet Frog5601 Wesley St.
Sweetie's Donuts5405 Wesley09/28/2022A
Taco Bell6605 Wesley10/28/2022A-
Taco Bueno6834 Wesley01/09/2023A
Taco Casa6307 Wesley11/30/2022A
TaMolly's6929 I-3010/18/2022A
TD Zambala - Deli4303 Joe Ramsey  12/27/2022B
TD Zambala - Store4303 Joe Ramsey 12/27/2022A
Terry's Place4217 Moulton12/15/2022A
Tesmart1601 I-30

Texan Theater2712 Lee St.12/01/2022A
Texas Snow (seasonal)5423 Wesley

The Ashen Rose2809 Lee St.12/19/2022A
The Drop 2824 Terrell Rd.12/05/2022A
The Nutrition Fix9701 Wesley  12/14/2022A
Tienda Oviedos - Store4415 Moulton12/27/2022A
Tienda Oviedos - Grill4415 Moulton12/27/2022B
Tiger Mart #595101 I-3010/27/2022A
Tokyo Express3106 I-3010/07/2022A
Tony's Italian Kitchen6106 Wesley12/27/2022A
Tortilleria La Nortenita3811 Wesley11/18/2022A
Travis Elementary School3201 Stanford11/04/2022A
VFW Post 40115108 Wellington

Vida's Stepping Stones Learning Ctr2602 Jones, Ste C12/15/2022A
Walgreens6905 Wesley11/16/2022A
Walmart (Bakery)7401 I-3001/03/2023A
Walmart (Deli)7401 I-3001/03/2023A
Walmart (Grocery)7401 I-3001/03/2023A
Walmart Neighborhood Market (Deli/Bakery)4715 Wesley09/30/2022A
Walmart Neighborhood Market (Grocery)4715 Wesley09/30/2022A
Walmart Neighborhood Market (Fuel Station)4715 Wesley09/30/2022A
Wendy's6834 Wesley09/29/2022A
Wesley Donuts3612 Wesley, Ste A09/28/2022B
Whataburger6400 Wesley09/30/2022A
Wing Stop6413 Wesley, Ste C12/01/2022A
Wings To Go7818 Wesley01/03/2023A
Winstar Donuts5202 Wesley

Women In Need3302 Stonewall

Yen Jing5113 Wesley