Raccoons generally have their babies in early spring. The litter usually consists of 3 to 5 babies. The babies generally wean at 3 months of age and are dependent on their mother until she breeds in the winter.

Raccoons are omnivorous and nocturnal. They primarily eat crawfish, insects, acorns, and persimmons, but will happily eat cat food, dog food, and leftover food in the garbage. Raccoons den in hollow logs or trees, but will use attic space if available. Raccoons can generally be driven out of attics by sprinkling ammonia around the nest site and at dusk playing a loud radio and placing bright lights near the nest site. Since they are nocturnal, nighttime is the best time to exclude them from the attic.

Generally you can tell that a raccoon is living in the attic by hearing noises at night instead of in the day, if you are hearing noises during daylight hours it is probably a squirrel. Once the animals are gone promptly seal any entry holes.

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