Comprehensive Plan

2011 West Greenville Small Area Plan

West Greenville Small Area Plan Logo.jpg
In 2011, The City of Greenville amended a portion of the 2004 Comprehensive Plan by adopting the West Greenville Small Area Plan. The Plan was developed in coordination with a team of consultants, City staff, a Plan Advisory Committee, the community, the Planning Commission, the Board of Development and the City Council.

2011 West Greenville Small Area Plan Advisory Committee

The Plan Advisory Committee (PAC) provided critical input and guidance throughout the process. The PAC consisted of the following individuals representing varied interests:

  • Jay Altom

    , Extraterritorial At-Large Representative
  • Dr. Pamela Anglin

    , Paris Junior College
  • Richard Carter

    , Hunt Regional Healthcare
  • Dennisha Denney

    , At-Large Representative (Citizen)
  • Douglas Felps

    , Planning Commission Place 2
  • Larry Green, Jr.

    , TIRZ and Board of Development
  • Bryan Herrin

    , City Council Place 5
  • Willie Hobdy

    , At-Large Representative (Citizen)
  • Chris Mountain

    , Texas Department of Transportation
  • Kim Quimby

    , Smart Growth Committee - Chamber of Commerce
  • Doug Roszhart

    , City Council Place 3
  • Bruce Shores

    , Greenville Independent School District
  • Tim Stainback

    , Planning Commission Place 6
  • Maxine Tidwell

    , At-Large Representative (Citizen)
  • Larissa ter Veer

    , At-Large Representative (Citizen)
  • John Wright

    , At-Large Representative (Citizen)

2004 Comprehensive Plan

Comp Plan 2025 Logo.jpg

The Comprehensive Plan is a long-range plan intended to direct the growth and physical development of the City for a 10-20 year period. The major elements include future land use, transportation, and utilities. The Comprehensive Plan should be used as a guide for public decisions which affect the physical development and maintenance of the City.

While there is no state mandate to update a Comprehensive Plan within a specific amount of time, generally these plans should be updated every 5-7 years to reflect changing market conditions, demographics and community opinions.

In 2002, the City of Greenville commenced a large-scale community involvement iniatiative to develop a new Comprehensive Plan for the City.

2004 Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee

In 2002, the City Council appointed a Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee who was charged with assisting with the development of a new Comprehensive Plan for the City.

The Committee was composed of the following members:

  • Douglas Felps

    , Planning Commission Place 8
  • Kelly Garrett

    , At-Large Representative (Development Community)
  • Jo Ann Hall

    , At-Large Representative (District 4)
  • Gayla Hardaway

    , At-Large Representative (District 5)
  • Gordon Jones

    , Parks & Recreation Board
  • Dee Kweller

    , At-Large Representative (District 1)
  • Diedre Mead

    , At-Large Representative (District 2)
  • John Nelson

    , City Council Place 2
  • Dan Perkins

    , City Council Place 1
  • John E. Scott

    , At-Large Representative (District 3)
  • Mitzi Thomas

    , Board of Development
  • A.D. "Cleo" Williams

    , Planning Commission Place 3
  • Clay Woods

    , At-Large Representative (District 6)