Controlling FOG in the Sewer System

What is FOG?

FOG means Fats, Oils and Grease.

Controlling fats, oils, and grease in the City collection system is an important component of an overall plan to minimize sanitary sewer overflows.

Grease often accumulates and solidifies inside the pipes and restricts free flow of raw sewage on its way to the wastewater treatment plant, which overflows the system, causing sewage to overflow into the streets, yards, and storm ditches.

Reducing Grease from Residential Kitchens

Residents can prevent grease from entering the sewer system by doing the following:
  • Collect grease in containers (i.e., used cans, glass jars, etc.)
  • Dispose of hardened grease with regular household trash

Reducing Commercial Grease

The Greenville City Council adopted a Grease Trap Ordinance, No. 10-088 on September 14, 2010. The ordinance includes provisions that will affect the following regulated entities
  • Food Preparation and Serving
  • Vehicle and Equipment Washing
  • Machine Shops and Garages
  • Carpet Cleaning and Water Extraction
  • Steam Cleaning and Chemical Cleaning
  • Any facility with a Liquid Waste Holding Tank
These regulated entities may be required to install new or upgraded pretreatment devices and/or sample ports.


Read the Tackling Grease Brochure to learn more about how you can control FOG.