PlaceMaking Public Meeting

The City of Greenville held an all-day event on "PlaceMaking" at the Fletcher Warren Civic Center on Friday, July 17, 2009. Presentations were made by representatives of PlaceMakers LLC, and are available below:

PlaceMaking as an Economic Development Tool
Form Based Codes

What is PlaceMaking?

PlaceMakers LLC, facilitated informative presentations and discussions with residents, organizations and community leaders on the concept of "PlaceMaking" as a tool for charting Greenville's path towards a vibrant future.

PlaceMaking is a process that involves working with, listening to and asking questions of the people who live, work and enjoy a particular place to discover their needs and desires for that place. This process is used to develop a common vision. This vision can then be transformed to develop implementation strategies to achieve that vision.

Topics covered included:
  • The concept of PlaceMaking and how it can be used to chart a bright future for Greenville.
  • How PlaceMaking can be used as an economic development tool.
  • The characteristics of the most loved places.
  • What can Greenville’s future look like?
  • What if Greenville does nothing to change how we plan our future growth and development?
  • Critical steps for PlaceMaking.
  • Most effective tools for PlaceMaking, including the implementation of a SmartCode.
What is SmartCode?
SmartCode is a model form-based code which is defined as a method of regulating development to achieve a specific urban form. Some of the elements of SmartCode are:
  • SmartCode is a blueprint for places where true community, in all its complexity, can prosper.
  • SmartCode delivers the means to maximize choice, quality-of-life, economic opportunity, environmental stewardship and adaptability over time.
  • SmartCode promotes the satisfying, fluid mixture of activities often associated with the traditional neighborhoods of the early 20th century. Within its clear and intuitive regulating framework, compatible uses - varied housing types, neighborhood retail, community churches, civic spaces, schools, libraries, and various types of employment - intermingle, creating vital, walkable places.
    If you have questions about PlaceMaking or the SmartCode concept, please contact City Planner/Building Official Steve Methven at (903) 457-3184 or by email.