Grease Trap Incentive Program

Grease Trap Ordinance

The Greenville City Council adopted a Grease Trap Ordinance, No. 10-088 on September 14, 2010. The ordinance includes provisions that will affect the following regulated entities:
  • Food Preparation and Serving
  • Vehicle and Equipment Washing
  • Machine Shops and Garages
  • Carpet Cleaning and Water Extraction
  • Steam Cleaning and Chemical Cleaning
  • Any facility with a Liquid Waste Holding Tank
These regulated entities may be required to install new or upgraded pretreatment devices and/or sample ports.

Application and Instructions

Instructions and an application form for the incentive are available below.

Grease Trap Program Application and Instructions


The ordinance contains a provision that allows for some customers with substandard pretreatment devices to apply for a waiver, which will require testing in order to determining if the existing pretreatment equipment will meet the discharge standards.

The testing will be expensive and in order to assist these customers, the City of Greenville plans to provide the sampling services with existing staff and pay the City's contract laboratory to perform the testing.

Customers requesting the waiver will be responsible for having an existing sample port or having a sample port installed prior to testing. For more information on applying for a waiver, contact the Public Works Department at (903) 457-3135.