Streets / Traffic


The Streets Department is committed to providing maintenance for the City's street system. The services provided are:
  • Concrete work
  • Patching
  • Street cleaning
  • Tree cutting
  • Ditch cleaning
  • Blade work
  • Other street maintenance on City rights of way
These services are completed with work orders, call-ins from citizens, City staff, and daily scheduling. The Department is also responsible for the yearly mowing of the Longbranch Drainage Channel.

Street Sweeping

The City of Greenville Street Departments operates a street sweeper throughout the community to keep Greenville streets free of trash and debris.

The sweeper runs weekly, Monday through Friday, and once per month on Saturday. The map shows each district and the day of the week the sweeper runs in that area. The Street Department strives to sweep every street in Greenville at least once per year.

For special requests or for more information, please contact the Street Department at (903) 457-3153 or by Email.


The Traffic Division is responsible for the placement and maintenance of all signs within the City. The Division makes the majority of its own signs and paints curbs, crossing zones, etc. They also trim trees, shrubs, or any other plants or vegetation, as necessary to maintain proper sight clearances at street intersections.

To report sign damage or vision obstructions, call (903) 457-3152.