This division consists of the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, and Fire Safety Education Coordinator. These personnel work at the Administrative Office located at 2603 Templeton Street. This division provides for overall Fire Department administration, training, purchasing, burn permits, public relations, and general problem solving. The Fire Administration office provides the strategic vision and overall management of the Fire Department.


This division consists of the Fire Marshal and part-time arson investigators, available as needed, to assist in suspicious fire investigations. The Fire Marshal is responsible for fire prevention efforts, fire and safety code enforcement, investigations, and building inspections in regard to fire and safety concerns. The Fire Marshal issues burn permits.


This division operates under the Operations Deputy Chief, and consists of 48 personnel (three battalion chiefs, 12 captains, 12 driver / engineers, and 21 firefighters). The Greenville Fire Department has a minimum staffing level of 13 members each day.

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The duties of these members include fire suppression, medical emergency assistance, conducting fire prevention programs, performing building inspections, hydrant inspection and testing, rescues, hazardous materials response, fire safety / first aid / CPR training, and many other types of public assistance.

Special Operations Division

Greenville Fire - Rescue's Special Operations Division was created to handle high risk, high danger situations that may be considered beyond the skill set of the average fire fighter. The division has three branches, Hazardous Material / Weapons of Mass Destruction, Search and Rescue, and Tactical Medics.

The Hazardous Material / Weapons of Mass Destruction Team first hit the drawing board in 2009 and became operational in 2010 through a joint venture of the City of Greenville, Hunt County, and a local company, FSTI. Through this partnership, the Greenville Fire - Rescue Department was able to train the 18 member team to the Hazardous Material Technician level, and provide the equipment and transportation necessary to make the team fully operational. The team is commanded by the Deputy Chief and can respond to any incident within the State of Texas if needed.

The Search and Rescue (SAR) Team concept was introduced in 2009 and became operational in 2011. The SAR Team consists of 12 elite department members who are trained to the technician level in rope rescue, high angle rescue, rappelling, swift water rescue, confined space rescue and trench rescue. Along with the training, these rescuers must also maintain a fitness level beyond the department's normal requirements. In addition to the main training requirements, many members are also trained in other rescue disciplines such as surf rescue, ice rescue, certified divers and wilderness rescue. The team is commanded by the Fire Chief and can respond to any incident within the State of Texas if needed.

Emergency Management

This division consists of the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City under the Mayor and City Manager. This division maintains an emergency plan in cooperation with the County and the State.

Service Delivery

The department has an Enhanced 911 Emergency Response System. The communications operators can immediately determine the physical address from which the call is originating to assist in locating citizens in need of fire, medical, or police assistance. Calls relating to questions about the weather, utility outages, or other concerns should not be made to the 911 number; this is an emergency contact number.

911 calls are answered at the City of Greenville Communications Dispatch Center located at the Greenville Police and Courts Building. Communication Operators assign Fire Department units using a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, ensuring a rapid response by assigning the closest Fire Department unit to the call.