Police Department

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PositionStartingYear 4Year 7Top Out (10 years)

Lateral transfers up to 10 years of full-time service as a Police Officer.

PositionStartingTop Out (4 years)
Assistant Chief$131,683.14$142,514.94

PDF version of payscale

Certificate Pay: 
Intermediate - $600 per year
Advanced - $1,200 per year 
Masters - $1,800 per year
FTO Pay:$2,400 Annually
Bilingual Pay:$75 monthly
Specialized Assignment Pay:$1,200 Annually, per pay period, per assignment
Longevity Pay:
1 – 10 years of service $6.00 per month
10 – 20 years of service $8.00 per month
> 20 years of service $10.00 per month
*Option to receive longevity pay each pay period or annually in a lump sum payment.



Medical InsuranceProvided each employee with a choice of 3 plans based on the provider, which is currently Blue Cross Blue Shield.
Dental, and Vision1 Plan option
Sick Leave Accrual10 hours per month with no maximum accrual; the maximum payout upon retirement is 720 hours
Vacation Accrual10 hours per month; the maximum payout on retirement or if leave is taken is 240 hours
Holiday Pay11 holidays per year
Option to get paid for the hours worked on a holiday plus the holiday pay or get paid for the hours they work and bank the holiday hours
RetirementTexas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS) – 14% contribution by City,  7% employee contribution
5-year vesting
The employer does a 2:1 match
*Retirement is 5 years of service at age 60 or 20 years of service at any age.  Employee only gets matching funds if they actually retire
Uniforms/EquipmentAll necessary equipment provided by the department plus pay for uniform dry cleaning.

Patrol Schedule
Officers assigned to patrol duties work 12-hour shifts based on seniority/assignment. Officers who work 12-hour shifts will work a rotating shift with every other Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off.

Annual Training in Firearms, Less-Lethal Weapons, Defensive Tactics, and Active Shooter Response.

Positions or Assignments include:

  • Patrol Operations
  • Detectives
  • K-9 Program
  • Traffic Officers
  • Honor Guard
  • Tactical (SWAT) Team
  • Hostage Negotiators
  • Drone Pilots
  • Training Instructors

Communications Pay Scale

PositionsHourlyMonthly AnnualRecommended Certification
Communications Operator I Basic21.1578$3,667.34$44,008.12
Communications Operator I 12 Month22.2111$3,849.92$46,199.00Basic
Communications Operator II 24 Month 23.3216$4,042.41$48,508.96Intermediate
Communications Operator II 36 Month24.4894$4,244.83$50,937.97Advanced
Communications Operator III 48 Month25.7145$4,457.17$53,486.06Advanced
Communications Operator III 60 Month27.0425$4,687.37$56,248.48Master
Assistant Communications Supervisor Basic28.3935$4,921.54$59,058.52Master
Assistant Communications Supervisor 12 Month29.8132$5,167.62$62,011.45Master
Communication Supervisor Basic31.3130$5,427.59$65,131.07Master
Communication Supervisor 12 Month33.4425$5,796.71$69,560.46Master
Certification Pay MonthlyDescription
Basic$50.00$23.08 per pay period
Intermediate$100.00$46.15 per pay period
Advanced$150.00$69.23 per pay period
Master$200.00$92.31 per pay period