Welcome to Greenville

Welcome to Greenville!  We are thrilled that you are interested in visiting us.  Located just 35 miles northeast of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metropolitan area, Greenville has all of the charm of a small East Texas town, but with a wonderful twist and some fun surprises!  For instance, nestled among the shabby-chic shops and down-home restaurants, you'll find an award winning winery, vibrant public art, and numerous live entertainment venues.  The music scene in Greenville ranges from a series of concerts by the Dallas Symphony, to the latest up and comer from Austin, Country music legends, and of course - a lot of home grown talent.  Add to that the many annual festivals and events, and you'll see that we are a community that enjoys good fun, a great meal, and spending time with loved ones.  So come and experience North Texas with a twist - because in Greenville, we're ready to surprise you!