Hostage Negotiation & Tactical Units

Hostage Negotiation and Tactical Units

  • Commanded by a Police Lieutenant
  • All members are Greenville Police Department officers
  • All members have volunteered for the additional assignment
  • Final selection and duty assignments are made by the Chief of Police
  • Hostage Negotiation Unit has four members
  • Tactical Unit has twelve members

Unit Activation:

Activated in response to unique situations which must be handled differently such as:
  • Hostage situations
  • Barricaded person(s) incidents
  • Suicidal person incident
  • High-risk apprehension incidents


Each member of the units receive additional training in preparation to perform their duties and responsibilities. Special tools and equipment have been obtained to further assist the unit members to conclude each incident safely.


For additional information, contact the Administration Division at (903) 457-2913.