Downtown Historical Walking Tour

Stroll along the route of Greenville's Historic Downtown Walking Tour for a glimpse into the activities and lifestyles of the people who settled our city and made it prosper.  Throughout downtown, you will find Main Street Markers, Texas Historical Markers, and structures that are on the list of the U. S. Department of the Interior's National Register of Historic Places.  You'll never know what you might discover as you stroll around Downtown Greenville and learn how the past made us into the city we are today.

Click below for video highlights of Greenville's Historic Downtown Walking Tour hosted by local Greenville historian Carol Taylor. 
These special markers feature stories that focus on historic topics (rather than trading the history of particular locations).  Learn why locals never tied their horses to lamp posts, how the water company proved the new plumbing worked, and why Elvis came to Greenville.  Downtown Greenville has 14 Main Street Markers.

These markers are site specific, that is, they tell the story of a building or place.  Find out why the county has had seven courthouses, where the first train steamed into town, when local mail service began, and when the Greenville Majors beat the New York Yankees.  As you explore Downtown Greenville, you will find 10 Texas Historical Markers.
Designates significant buildings recognized by the U.S. Department of the Interior's National Register of Historic Places.  Greenville has four buildings downtown on this list - The old Katy Depot located at Wright and Lee Streets, The old Greenville Post Office at Oak and Lee Streets, The Hunt County Courthouse bordered by Lee, Stonewall, Washington, and St. John, and Central Christian Church located at Washington and Wesley.