How are complaints made?
A complaint may be filed with the Greenville Police Department’s Office of Professional Standards (OPS) located at the Police/Courts Building, 3000 Lee St., or with any Police Department supervisor. The name of the supervisor with whom the complaint is initially discussed should be obtained.

Complaint forms are also available in the Human Resources Office, located in City Hall (2821 Washington St.). Documentation of all complaints will be made and forwarded to the OPS. You may email questions about the complaint process.

All complaints will be investigated. When a complaint is against a policy of the Police Department or the enforcement of a particular law, the policy or law will be explained to the citizen.

There will not be an investigation of the employee or officer unless the complainant indicates there was a violation of departmental policy, procedure, or regulations during the incident. If a complaint is regarding a policy, it will be reviewed for possible revision.

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