What is the process for submitting a zoning application?
1. Meet with Staff: Make arrangements to meet with the Community Development Department staff to discuss the purpose of the proposed zoning change, determine how it relates to the Comprehensive Plan, and to clarify issues related to the development of the property. Please have a legal description and drawing of the property available. If the pre-application meeting will involve the submittal or discussion of a preliminary development plan for the property, the property owner or an authorized agent must complete and sign the Pre-Application Conference form.

2. Prepare Zoning Application Materials: A complete zoning application must include the following documents:

  • A Zoning Application Form (signed by the legal owner of the property)
  • A legal description and surveyed drawing of the property that is the subject of the zone change request.
  • A preliminary site plan (if available), that shows how the property will be developed.
  • A written narrative from the applicant outlining the reasons for requesting the zone change.

3. Submit Application: Submit all the required application materials along with the application fee to the Community Development Office at 2315 Johnson St.

The Community Development Office Staff cannot accept an incomplete application.

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