5. Has the Council used CO's to issue debt in the past?

Yes. Recent examples include: 

  • The ~$68M CO issuance of Oct 2021 which is actively funding or funded the Radio Infrastructure Replacement Project, Fire Admin and Emergency Ops Center Building Project, Austin Park, and Tawakoni Raw Water Line Replacement Project. 
  • The ~$2.7M CO issuance of March 2023 which is actively funding a variety of projects throughout the City departments in police, fire, library, animal control, parks & rec / golf, civic center, community development, public works, facilities, downtown, and IT projects. 
  • Also issued $20 million in 2019 for upgrades to the current water treatment plant. 

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1. 1. Will my taxes go up if this project is approved?
2. 2. If not, then why not lower the tax rate?
3. 3. How is the City paying for this project?
4. 4. Is using CO's to issue debt against the City's own policy?
5. 5. Has the Council used CO's to issue debt in the past?
6. 6. Why not fix our streets instead of this project?
7. 7. What area or fund from the budget will pay for this project?
8. 8. For the operations cost to be paid out of the Enterprise Fund, will it be rolled together with another fund item or will it be an independent fund?
9. 9. If it is combined with another Enterprise Fund area, what, if anything will need to be cut from the programs that are currently funded by that Enterprise Fund "business"?
10. 10. What will be cut from any other budget area?
11. 11. Will the parks and recreation budgets or services be cut as they are funded and staffed today?
12. 12. If this Enterprise Fund "business" is short in any given year, what would need to be cut to pay the difference or where would the additional funds come from?
13. 13. Why did the council deicide to use an unscientific survey instead of a scientific poll?
14. 14. What changes are being made to the originally presented proposal?
15. 15. Would these changes be done to better align with community wants or is it being done to make the project more profitable?
16. 16. Does taking on this project impact the cities’ ability to lower the tax rate to at or below the no new revenue rate?
17. 17. What assumptions are being used to state the project will be revenue neutral?
18. 18. Are funds being moved from parks and recreation or other budget areas to make it revenue neutral on paper?
19. 19. What other budget assumptions are being made (such as future population/housing growth, inflation)?
20. 20. If the projections are based on future growth and that growth doesn't happen as projected, how will it impact the cities' ability to provide current services while paying the note?
21. 21. It is also being asked, because these assumptions are justification for doing the project (the future need) and if this growth doesn't happen as planned, would the project still be needed?
22. 22. Is the intent of the new recreation center to be tourism driven revenue?
23. 23. How much will it cost to operate the new facility?
24. 24. Why does the bond language not reflect what the City has been saying?
25. 25. Where there so many meetings about this project behind closed doors?
26. 26. Has the City looked at the potential traffic issues that could be created on Monty Stratton?
27. 27. Is the slide deck somewhere we can go and review all that?
28. 28. The rates and the subscription rates for resident's vs nonresident, How were decisions made because I expected a larger discount or a greater fee for non-residents?
29. 29. Is the $65 million still the figure or will construction cost be more than that?
30. 30. If the price is increased, will you cut the size or some functionality to get it back under the 65 million or what’s the plan?
31. 31. How many cities vs. Private entities vs. Non-profits running recreational facilities are there? Are most cities running recreational facilities?
32. 32. Have you looked at the insurance cost of amount of youth that are going to be using the facility on a regular basis?
33. 33. With child watch, why wouldn’t a person bring their child to the facility and leave them? Will they be required to stay while the child is there, or will they be able to just leave that child ther
34. 34. Will the low-income portion of our population be excluded from activities at the new facility?
35. 35. Would the work on both facilities be done simultaneously?
36. 36. Could the senior programs be expanded and will they be at both locations?
37. 37. Right now there is no cost associated with senior programs. In the future will there be fees?
38. 38. Will there be lifeguards on duty at all times during the facility hours?
39. 39. Will the upgrade be enough without having to renovate again in the near future?